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Creating your dogs holistic grooming experience

I create a calm grooming environment by playing classical music & the use of an essential oil diffuser.

Both  proven to help relax & lower your dogs stress levels.

Before we start grooming we have a little get to know each other time. Maybe a little walk & sniff around.

Perhaps a game or a tummy rub to help relax & get used to my touch.

I use best quality shampoo and conditioners designed to the correct PH balance for your dogs skin.


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Holistic grooming is the practice of grooming your pet in a stress-free environment in order to provide optimal health for mind, body &

soul. Working respectfully with your dog, understanding they are sentient beings. Being aware of their emotional state at all times.

Science has discovered that Dogs are extremely intuitive to our emotions. They smell the chemicals we excrete from our bodies,

created by our emotions. They know when we become angry, frustrated or feeling rushed.  Dogs interprets these emotions as

“unbalanced” they will begin to lose confidence and trust in us. It is critical that we maintain a calm balanced state of mind throughout

The entire groom.

Drying your dog

Allowing your dog to perform their natural behaviours like shaking out excess water from their coats

Rubbing themselves dry on towels after the bath and playing games, allows them to release any anxiety they

May have. Reduces the time needed for the dryer. NO CAGE DRYERS ARE USED.


A drop off  service is available once the groom is finished, this minimises the time spent away from home.

As a trained canine behaviourist I can read your dogs body language and behaviours allowing them to

communicate with me when they need a break. So we have regular play & treat breaks.

Puppy’s first grooming experience

Best time to introduce your puppy to grooming is between three and four months of age.

The first few visits should be limited to 30 minutes and will only include a bath with slow introductions to the

dryer, clippers and scissors.

Lots of games, treats & positive reinforcement, so puppy can learn that grooming is a fun and positive time.

My aim is to develop a mutual relationship of trust, to bond with your pup so we will have many years of  

Stress Free Grooming