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              GRRREETINGS  my name is Michelle Callanan

      I have fulfilled a life long dream of studying Dog Training & Behaviour. I studied with the National Dog Trainer Federation they provide           nationally recognised training in Australia.  I hold Certificate III in dog training and behaviour.  My training methods use positive           reinforcement. My aim in all my training is to create a a balanced and harmonious relationship with your dog. Giving you the skills you need           to be able to communicate effectively with your  furry friend to develop a strong loving bond.









My Fur Kids

Certificate covers

         Provide food and water for animals  -  Conduct companion animal training classes  -  Teach complex skills  -  Monitor canine health care     

    Manage canines with behaviour problems  -    -  Conduct dog obedience & agility training,  -  Apply animal psychology to modify dog behaviour

                                                                           Investigate & assess canine behaviour  -  Basic first aid